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about us
Dragunova started during the RTW APB closed beta by a player named Nova (Now Tekla). Unfortunately, the casual group shut down with the fall of RTW (sadface), but has thus been reborn with the G1 rebirth of APB. Tekla, along with her partner in justice and real life, Lunaviere carry the flag for Dragunova, inviting all players who are simply looking for a good time.

what we do
Here in Dragunova, we invite players who aren't overly competitive (though that's not always a bad thing. We like to win sometimes too.) Some of our players spend most of their time designing in the Social District or just like to chat it up. And that's perfectly fine. As our clan continues to grow, we often set up designated groups, although mixing it up a bit is always cool.

our vision
In Dragunova, we're casual. We don't care of you suck, or if you're pro. We're looking for people who like to have fun, and enjoy having said fun with other people. Many friendships have come about from the clan, and that's awesome. We only have a few rules in Dragunova. That is, to enjoy the game, enjoy others, enjoy yourself, and behave.

 I understand the game frustrates you, but keep raging to a minimum, as well as trash talking. Vulgar language should be used in moderation. So I don't want you fucking talking shit that I can't motherfucking understand. Got it bitch?! ( I think I made my point.) And CAPS IS NOT CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.
Game Updates and Patch Notes
Game Update 1.5.4 (141)

21st October 2011

Halloween Update
  • Two New Contacts, 'Trick' and 'Treat, have descended upon Havalynd for the Spookiest time of year. Find them in the Pagoda by the park in Financial to pledge.
  • Spooky Symbols
  • Terrifying Themes
  • Pumpkin Mask!
  • A New Mission Type (Escort)
  • And more!
  • Once you've unlocked the Pumpkin Mask be sure to take part in the APB:Reloaded Pumpkin Customisation Contest! Click here to enter!

Threat & Rating Changes
  • The threat icon is now a combined threat & rank (formerly rating) icon.
  • The icon colour is now based on your threat level. It will switch between Gold, Silver, Bronze and very rarely Green depending on your threat level.
  • The icon image is now based your rank. As you gain standing, you rank up. Every 10 levels, you gain a new icon and a new title.

Steam Support
  • IMPORTANT NOTE!!! We have not yet launched on Steam. Until we do you will NOT be able to access APB with your Steam account. We'll announce when we're live on Steam and you can let the madness begin!!!
  • Added support for associating a G1 account with a Steam account.
    • If you have Steam running, you should be prompted to link your accounts.
    • You may choose to postpone the decision or never to link them.
  • While logged in to a linked Steam account APB will login automatically using Steam.
  • If you have Steam running, APB will will use the Steam browser for any web content.
  • Steam will also keep track of all your APB Reloaded achievements!

Single Sign On (SSO)
Added support for Single Sign On (SSO) in the Armas Marketplace.
  • APB will now log in to the Armas Marketplace automatically when you open it.
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Those of you with Officer status, invite your friends or players that you enjoyed playing with. Dragunova is open to everyone! We simply do NOT tolerate hackers, nor those who misbehave.
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